Better Business, Sunshine Coast Style – sustainability survey now open

Many Small Things has launched the Better Business Survey this week to gain a better understanding of the state of sustainable business practices on the Sunshine Coast.

“We believe there is something unique about the way business is done on the Sunshine Coast. Something that puts people and the environment, not just profit at its heart,” said Laura Harkins-Small, Principal of Many Small Things.

“We think the Sunshine Coast is quite unique in that many of the people living and working here already ‘get’ the idea of sustainable business, whether its valuing the environment, contributing to the community or changing the way they work to achieve better work/life balance,” said Ms Harkins-Small.

“Our work is to support businesses transform that instinct into business strategy and competitive advantage,” she said.

“While some businesses have formalised their commitment and have it front and centre of their business strategy many more are practicing sustainable, purpose-driven business principles– they just don’t think of it in those terms.” she said.

“We want to hear from business all along that spectrum – even those that don’t think its relevant.”

The survey aims to gain an understanding of what doing business looks like on the Sunshine Coast and what they see as the key challenges and opportunities. Businesses are also invited to register their contact details if they are interested in becoming part of a like-minded industry network on the Coast.

“We know a lot of businesses don’t always have the time or resources to do things alone, but if we are able work together to develop solutions to challenges such as training and employment for young people or zero waste, we have a better chance of achieving an impact,” said Ms Harkins-Small.

“If we are able to build our capability and regional brand around sustainable business, we have a very real opportunity to gain competitive advantage globally as markets and investors start to take sustainable practices seriously,” she said.

The survey will be open until early December. Businesses and organisations can access the survey by visiting The survey results will be published; however, individual responses will remain anonymous. Many Small Things is a social enterprise based on the Sunshine Coast which supports and promotes purpose-driven, sustainable business.

For more information please contact:

Laura Harkins-Small - Principal, Many Small Things