better business

many small things is passionate about better business. Better for customers, better for employees, better for owners, better for community and the environment. We also believe a lot of other people feel this way.  

this is why we are seeking to build a network of like-minded businesses, big and small, to work together to achieve greater impact and share best practice knowledge. 

better business, sunshine coast style

We believe there is something unique about the way business is done on the Sunshine Coast. Something that puts people and the environment, not just profit at its heart.


We are working to build a network of like-minded businesses to work together to make this special something our competitive advantage globally, enabling our businesses and community to thrive. 

The first step in this process is getting a better understanding about how business is done on the Sunshine Coast. The Better Business Survey seeks to better identify what businesses look like, what is important to them, what their key challenges are and what they see are the big issues we need to tackle regionally.

Please find the results of the Better Business Survey here.

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if you are interested in joining our network, want to get involved in a collaborative project or would like to understand how your business could be better, get in touch with us on social media, send us an email or join our mailing list.